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Dirty truth Australians can no longer ignore

2022.01.23 22:58 walkinator87 Dirty truth Australians can no longer ignore

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2022.01.23 22:58 Subadareal Would Appreciate an feedback on my latest song!

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2022.01.23 22:58 sorrynotsorry33333 Should I call in sick to work?

I just don’t feel like going in. My boss is super nosy and always asks. What excuse should I give? Say I’m sick? My kid sick? Idk why I feel so guilty I just need a me day.
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2022.01.23 22:58 sherlockwriter Bankers NFT Collection

Bankers NFT Collection NFTs are definitely the newest craze in the crypto world today. NFT sales have generated a staggering $25B in 2021. And this year, as the interest for NFTs continue to surge, the figures are likely to spike.
In December 2021, Unbanked announced the launching of “Bankers NFT”, a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum network. The “Bankers NFT” was a collaboration with Antione Mingo, the digital artist behind the successful “Pudgy Penguins”
Grab the chance to get your own “Bankers NFT” by joining the drop on the 31st of January.
Check details here: https://unbanked.com/bankers
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2022.01.23 22:58 ryaanclark We counting that one?

I think thats a chip, thoughts?
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2022.01.23 22:58 BlancheFromage Ikeda Rape Accusations

"By the way, Ikeda’s intense body odor is ghastly."
Ikeda Rape Accusations
The rapist's "out": No witnesses
Sexual Abuse and Predators Within SGI
So, according to SGI members, Nichiren Shoshu supposedly "brutally raped Nichiren's teachings" - evidence? Let's see some specifics, please. - what a grotesquely insensitive and trivializing thing to say!
Ikeda and his wife: So awkward
A news story from Japan that sheds some perspective on the outcome of the Ikeda rape trial(s) - in short, there's no way Ikeda could have been convicted IN JAPAN. It's still a man's world over there. Fuck "kosen-rufu" and "the century of women". submitted by BlancheFromage to ExSGISurviveThrive [link] [comments]

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2022.01.23 22:58 hackzubbard Initial 2023 Recruiting Big Board - Offense

QB - 1 Needed (0 Commited)
Overview: As of posting, Alabama stands at 3 scholarship QBs, returning the Heisman winner and some young pieces. Alabama will take 1 QB a year indefinitely, so here's the list of their options this year.
Name Rank/Hometown Top Schools Early Buzz
1. 5* Arch Manning 247 - #1, On3 - #1, from New Orleans, LA Top 5: UGA, Alabama, Texas, Ole Miss, Clemson The nation's top recruit for the time being, if there's one recruit even your mom will eventually know, it's this kid. Nephew to Peyton and Eli, you can see the similarities in playstyle, albeit adapted to modern systems. Not sure if he's #1 overall but he is good and is likely top 50 at worst. Arch and his family are VERY intentional in their recruitment; no social media and few interviews. We do know his top 5 and that he'll likely enter his senior year commited. UGA's on him hard, he seems like a fit there, and they have a championship to sell. Texas is primarily in it because Arch loves Sark, but Texas is obviously a mess currently, though Quinn Ewers could change that quickly. Ole Miss has the family connection and can put up points but Lane is out as soon as he gets an NFL offer or a better college job. Clemson felt good but has fallen with the losses and staff turnover. The Mannings respect coach Saban, have had good conversations with BoB (for the time being) and there's no bias affecting Arch's decision. Any pick would be made with the lowest possible confidence; I lean UGA with Bama as either 2nd or 3rd.
2. 5* Nicholas Iamaleava (EE - Ah - Ma - Lay - Va) 247 - #17, On3 - #12, from Downey, CA (SoCal) Early Options: Alabama, Tennessee, Oregon, UCLA, UGA Alabama's other 5* QB prospect and a VERY viable options: 6'6", mobile, strong arm, a lot to like here. A West Coast kid of Tongan descent, USC already has a QB commit which leaves slimmer pickings on the West Coast. Bama's doing a good job early on the West Coast and has leveraged the Pacific Island connection of Tua and Cameron Latu on numerous 2023 prospects, which has been well received. Alabama is in a very good spot but another unique challenger is Tennessee, a school he raves about in the fall with its new Briles offense. I'd place the top 3 as Bama, Tenn, and Oregon, likely in that order for the time being.
3. 4* Dylan Lonergan 247 - #86, On3 - #90, from Snellville, GA (Atlanta Metro) Early Schools: UGA, Alabama, GT Another QB on the board; Lonergan has some similarities to Sam Howell: solid compact frame, more quick than fast on the move, build for vertical passing. Lonergan is likely 2nd on the list for UGA and 3rd for Bama so not an awful set of options if Dylan is willing to be patient. Has the tools to be a very good college QB.
4. 4* Christopher Vizzina 247 - #85, On3 - #100, from Briarwood Christian in Birminham, AL Early Schools: Auburn, Clemson, Alabama An in-state backup options, the athletic make-up is there but the mechanics still need fine tuning. Alabama has not yet offered but will likely do so within the next few weeks. Auburn and Clemson feel the best currently and remains to be seen how hard Bama will push, with the prospects above him.
RB - 1 Needed (0 Commited)
Overview: RB looks stacked on paper, with 7 projected scholarship guys in 2022, but 3 of your 7 are returning from injury, while 2 will be true freshmen. Regardless of this, RB is a position, like QB, where Bama wants to take at least 1 per cycle
Name Rank/Hometown Top Schools Early Buzz
1. 5* Richard Young 247 - #16, On3 - #27, from Lehigh Acres, FL (SW FL) Top 3: Ohio State, Alabama, UGA The nation's #1 RB brings it all, plus size, great burst, and an excellent blend of strength and slipperiness at contact; not hard to see why he's one of OSU's top targets, as he plays a lot like their great backs. Young already has a top 3, with UGA in the 3rd place spot. It feels like Ohio State is the likely leader but I expect him on campus this spring and Bama should be in a great spot as this one goes on.
2. 4* Cedric Baxter Jr. 247 - #70, On3 - #61, from Orlando, FL Early Schools: Alabama, FSU, Florida, Miami, UCF A former FSU commitment, Baxter is a very traditional power run; 247 compares him to Brian Robinson Jr. and you can see a similar running style and ability to pick up extra yards after contact. Baxter likes the local schools but has a really good connection to Bama and RB coach Gillespie. If Bama misses on Young, very possible Baxter is the RB selection in 2023.
3. 4* Justice Haynes 247 - #47, On3 - #44, from Roswell, GA (Atlanta Metro) Early Schools: UGA, Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama Haynes is another RB in top 30 contention in 2023: on the shorter side but very balanced, with great vision and top-end speed. As a GA native, in UGA's back yard, the Dawgs are seen as the heavy favorite. Haynes will visit numerous other schools, including Alabama, but it would be a coup to see him anywhere other than Athens.
4. 5* Reuben Owens 247 - #27, On3 - #26, from El Campo, TX (Between Houston and San Antonio) Top 5: Texas A&M, Texas, Alabama, USC, UGA A former Texas commit, Owens is such a smooth runner; this cat glides across the field when he runs. Texas schools seems to have the inside track but it appears the Aggies have usurped Texas as the leader. I know he has a good deal of interest in getting to Tuscaloosa but the vibe as of today is either Aggies or Longhorns.
Other Names 5. 4* Mark Fletcher (#148/#216/American Heritage in Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 6. 4* Treyaun Webb (#107/#128/Duval Co, FL)
WR - 1-3 Needed (0 Commited)
Overview: When 9 of 12 WRs are true sophomores or younger, you can expect WR to not be a priority in 2023. I still expect Bama to get 1-2 guys this year but it's not a huge need.
Name Rank/Hometown Top Schools Early Buzz
1. 4* WR Johntay Cook II 247 - #40, On3 - #56, from DeSoto, TX (DFW Metro) Top 5: Texas, Alabama, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Ohio State Johntay is the built in the mold of Alabama's modern WR: 6'0, twitchy, prone to taking a slant 50 yards, and excellent both on the outside and from the slot. Johntay has been an early Texas lean; citing their usage of Xavier Worthy in 2021 and the early success they had recruiting Arch Manning (Cook claims he's going wherever Arch goes). In the meantime, Texas has fallen behind for Arch and Johntay has been more receptive to Texas A&M and Alabama. Alabama has been constant here for a while and will have as good as chance as anyone.
2. 5* Brandon Inniss 247 - #9, On3 - #26, from American Heritage (PS2/Earl Little) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL Top 4: USC, Miami, Alabama, Oklahoma A former Oklahoma commit, Inniss did not immediately jump to USC, like many other former Sooner commits. Inniss is somewhat of a classical WR: he can do just about everything well while not being the best at anything but the best overall. While the general thought is Innis will end up wherever Lincoln Riley is, he is more open currently to going through the full process, as he's less apt to go to school across the country. Miami was intriguing as a local option but Inniss is very keen on getting to Bama and TRob is a HUGE plus here. Will be an interesting recruitment to folllow but the threat of USC will always be there.
3. 4* Karmello English 247 - #90, On3 - #115, from Central (Justyn Ross/E.J. Williams) in Phenix City, AL Top 2: Alabama, Auburn Karmello plays mostly in the slot and has strong hands, a smooth step, and while not the fastest, gets from 0 to 60 the quickest, per say. One of the best offensive players in-state, Alabama and Auburn are duking this one out, with Auburn as a legit option. Alabama will have multiple options for limited spot so he's a want but not a need, as of today.
4. 4* Ryan Niblett 247 - #108, On3 - #99, from Houston, TX Early Schools: Alabama, Texas, Texas A&M, LSU, USC Ryan projects as a longer-term project than most, as he plays as much RB and DB as he does WR; a true athlete type. Regardless, his speed and body control stand out with the ball in his hands. I think Alabama, along with the Texas schools, has made an impression early. Niblett looks to return to Bama this spring and he has a high interest in the Tide.
5. 5* Shelton Sampson Jr. 247 - #35, On3 - #17, from Baton Rouge, LA Top 2: LSU, Alabama Despite his larger build, Sampson is almost deceptively fast, consistently faking out DBs and running upfield uncovered. Sampson Jr. is obviously from Baton Rouge, so LSU is a major factor but he likes Golding. On the one hand, Brian Kelly's offenses have not been WR centric but a 6'4" outside receiver is right within his wheelhouse. I think LSU has the early lead but Bama would by no means be a surprise here.
6. 4* Micah Tease 247 - #163, On3 - #142, from Tulsa, OK Early Schools: Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Alabama I love this kid a lot: a speedster who plays both ways. After coaching changes, Notre Dame is the likely leader but Oklahoma could get momentum back. Look for Tease to visit this spring and get his offer.
7. 5* Jalen Hale 247 - #30, On3 - #49, from Longview, TX (E TX) Top 6: Oklahoma, LSU, Texas A&M, Ohio State, Alabama, Texas Hale is another true outside type: great in contested catches and difficult to tackle before and after the tackle. Oklahoma and LSU were the early favorites but coaching changes at both schools have thrown that into doubt. Now Texas A&M, Alabama, and Oklahoma are getting involved and Hale is eager to visit each of them. Early money would be on the Aggies or the Buckeyes, IMO.
8. 4* Robby Washington 247 - #200, On3 - #161, from Miami, FL Top 2: Miami, Alabama A former Miami commit, Robby is a speedy option all over the field and really wants the green light but questions of effort/consistency, as well as the guys ahead of him, are limiting his spot currently on the WR board.
Other Names 9. 4* Rico Flores (#152/#168/Folsom, CA) 10. 4* Bryson Rodgers (#294/#270/Tampa Metro, FL)
TE - 0-1 Needed (0 Commited)
Overview: TE is such a hard position to project, need-wise, but it always starts from the bottom on the list of offensive importance. Despite this, same as QB and RB, expect at least 1 TE per recruiting cycle.
Name Rank/Hometown Top Schools Early Buzz
1. 4* Walker Lyons 247 - #74, On3 - #82, from Folsom, CA (NorCal) Early Schools: Stanford, Utah, Alabama, USC, Ole Miss I LOVE this kid at TE: big frame, high jump and catch radius, very willing blocker and boy is he fast. Visited Alabama this fall and had a great time but his more recent focus has been on West Coast schools like Stanford and Utah. With Stanford involved, hard to know which way this will go; I'd like to see him on campus a few more times.
2. 4* Mac Markway 247 - #96, On3 - #84, from St. Louis, MO Early Schools: Miami, Florida, Alabama A former Florida commit, Markway is more of a big bodied blocker; able to catch but at his most dangerous in the run game. Miami and Florida are fighting over this Midwesterner but Alabama will certainly give their pitch.
OL - 2-3 Needed (0 Commited)
Overview: Not a huge need for OL bodies this year but talent is a must; preferrably one of the 5* tackles.
Name Rank/Hometown Top Schools Early Buzz
1. 4* Olaus Alinen - OT 247 - #125, On3 - NR, based in Windson, CT (Originally from Finland) Top 3: Alabama, Clemson, Florida Originally from Finland, Olaus is based out of Connecticut but has high interest in Southern schools. A visit to Alabama this winter has put the Tide in the lead
2. 5* Francis Mauigoa - OT 247 - #7, On3 - #9 - based at IMG Academy (Originally from American Samoa) Early Schools: Oregon, USC, Utah, WSU, Michigan, Alabama A more recent offer, Francis is originally from American Samoa, leading to an early connection to the West Coast schools. Alabama would offer an option closer to his school, as well as a path for NFL development, and Bama is successfully targeting several Polynesian players in this class, one to watch for a potential Fall visit.
3. 5* Kadyn Proctor - OT 247 - #6, On3 - #7 - from Des Moines, IA Early Schools: Iowa, Iowa State, Ohio State, Alabama The #1 tackle in 2023 currently, Kadyn's recruitment starts with the in-state schools in Iowa. National powers will take their swing but the Hawkeyes had the early inside track here.
4. 3*/4* UGA Commit RyQueze McElderry - IOL 247 - #418, On3 - #338, from Anniston, AL Top 2: UGA, Alabama An underrated in-state option, Bama did not offer until 6 days before his commitment, when he had already made his decision. Despite his UGA commitment, he has and will continue to get on Bama's campus, as the staff chips away.
Other Names 5. 4* Harris Sewell - IOL (#69/#70/Odessa, TX) 6. 4* Knijeah Harris - IOL (#298/#307/IMG Academy) 7. 4* Miles McVay - OT (#135/#140/St. Louis Metro)
8. 4* TJ Shanahan - IOL (#115/#101/Austin, TX) 9. 4* Clay Wedin - IOL (#236/NTampa, FL)
ATH - 0-2 Needed (0 Commited)
Overview: Alabama is recruiting more guys in 2023 that do not fit in a specific box, and there was more space to put them here than the Defensive Board.
Name Rank/Hometown Top Schools Early Buzz
1. 5* Samuel M'Pemba - TE/OLB 247 - #15, On3 - #11, based at IMG Academy (Originally from St. Louis, MO) Early Schools: Notre Dame, Alabama, Mizzou, Miami M'Pemba is our 1st elite athlete type: thrives as as 5* as an edge rusher and as a receiving tight end. Transferring to IMG for his junior and senior year, he's more open to being recruiting nationally, though Mizzou will always be a factor due to the addition of 5* 2022 WR Luther Burden (who Bama passed on). Originally, he was looked for a winter commitment, which would have been to Notre Dame or Bama, but has kept himslef open, allowing local Miami to get some play here. I think it will come down to the top 3 of ND/Bama/Mizzou in the end and none would be surprising. Paramount for Bama to get him on campus soon.
2. 5* Matayo Uiagalelei - TE/DE/OLB (Oo-EE-On-Ga-Lay-Lay) 247 - #19, On3 - #15, from St. John Bosco in Bellflower, CA (SoCal) Early Schools: Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Texas, LSU Very intriging prospect and younger brother of Clemson QB DJ Uiagalelei: mostly projects as a Edge player at the college level (likely at SAM), he plays mostly as a big bodied athletic TE and I LOVE him there. Despite his family connection, Matayo is unlikely to follow his brother to Clemson. Alabama and Ohio State seem to be the early names for what looks to be a national recruitment but there's something different about Alabama's connection here.
3. 5* Nyckolas Harbor - TE/OLB 247 - #29, On3 - #14, from Washington DC Early Schools: Oklahoma, Maryland, Penn State, Michigan, Oregon, South Carolina Bama has not offered yet but shouldn't take too long, as this kid is about to BLOW UP. One of the fastest track stars in the country, he plays primarily as an edge rusher but his speed has a place on offense as well. A name to watch

**Bonus - Steal/Swipe - Offensive Addition**
Here's a new game I made up called Steal/Swipe. For the period of 2018-2022's recruiting classes, I will give an Offensive Steal and an Offensive Swipe for each year:
Steal - A player that was a suprise commitment or was mostly linked to another program before choosing Bama
Swipe - A player Bama felt good about, had predicted, or had previously commited that went elsewhere.

2018 Steal - WR Jaylen Waddle (Texas A&M) ; 2018 Swipe - OT Penei Sewell (Oregon)
2019 Steal - RB Trey Sanders (UGA/Florida ); 2019 Swipe - WR George Pickens (UGA)
2020 Steal - QB Bryce Young (USC) ; 2020 Swipe - TE Arik Gilbert (LSU)
2021 Steal - OT JC Latham (Ohio State) ; 2021 Swipe - WR Brian Thomas Jr. (LSU)
2022 Steal - WR Isaiah Bond (Florida) ; 2022 Swipe - OT Kiyaunta Goodwin (Kentucky)
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2022.01.23 22:58 Busy_Imagination Does anyone feel like the camera quality changed with different types of seasons?

I feel like the quality was good in seasons one and two, yet it seemed like the quality started getting bad in season three through five. Then got better from season six and on
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2022.01.23 22:58 Jack8499 What food is rich in methionine? What foods contain tryptophan?How do I judge them?

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2022.01.23 22:58 chbe2200 My opponent (white) promoted to a bishop here

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2022.01.23 22:58 Martykauffman I got 50 mpg with my Ford Maverick hybrid driving to Newport today | work vlog

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2022.01.23 22:58 fml_pro Ä͓́͝i̡̢͊t̽ͦä̧̝ F͈͓͝o̷̠̕r̵̯ͪ N̤ͫ͞o̹̙͗t̶͙̃ B̤͉̾r̢̰͚i̞ͥ̕ń͇͉g̩̰͠į͖͖n̽̕͝ḡ͚̯ M̖̈͞ÿ̩́͜ S̛̞͆ī̴͎s̢ͥͥt̆́ͧe̢̹͂ŗ̰͜, Ś̰͆h̷̋͢e̺ͤ C̮ͥ̇a̡ͥͩn̓ͥ͡'t̳̋̀ B̪ͣ̅r̢̲̃i̇͡͡n͉̪̅g̼͈͝ H̗ͩe̺ͦ͠r͍͜͡ D͍͜͝ò͖̜ǵ͙̪ O͉͌͟v̵̩͟é̞̑r͑́͋.

Ä͓́͝i̡̢͊t̽ͦä̧̝ F͈͓͝o̷̠̕r̵̯ͪ N̤ͫ͞o̹̙͗t̶͙̃ B̤͉̾r̢̰͚i̞ͥ̕ń͇͉g̩̰͠į͖͖n̽̕͝ḡ͚̯ M̖̈͞ÿ̩́͜ S̛̞͆ī̴͎s̢ͥͥt̆́ͧe̢̹͂ŗ̰͜, Ś̰͆h̷̋͢e̺ͤ C̮ͥ̇a̡ͥͩn̓ͥ͡'t̳̋̀ B̪ͣ̅r̢̲̃i̇͡͡n͉̪̅g̼͈͝ H̗ͩe̺ͦ͠r͍͜͡ D͍͜͝ò͖̜ǵ͙̪ O͉͌͟v̵̩͟é̞̑r͑́͋. submitted by fml_pro to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 22:58 Green_Prompt_6386 I support r/Antiwork's goals and intent 100% but I fully expect them to ultimately fail.

Corrections can be made but ultimately once enough people feel that their own personal situation has improved, the movement will lose the spotlight and businesses will slowly and sneakily take back what was fought for. Vigilance is hard to maintain long-term.
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